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For Our Alumni


The relationships that are formed and develop during your stay at Unhooked Recovery’s Inpatient and/or Outpatient programs is ongoing, long-term and important to our caring and compassionate staff. We welcome and encourage you to consider and join our Alumni group. You will be afforded the opportunity to stay in contact with friends that you made during your stay at Unhooked Recovery’s Inpatient and Outpatient treatment centers in Mesa and Tucson.  Also, as well as make new connections with individuals with same like recovery minded sobriety. You will have the opportunity to stay involved with the Unhooked Recovery’s staff to maintain your long term recovery lifestyle, because we want you to succeed.

Unhooked Recovery’s alumni program consists of relapse prevention group activities that are peer designed and staff supported. Community support groups like AA, NA or our alumni program are effective in maintaining your recovery lifestyle and assist you by preventing relapse through personal encouragement and motivation to stay substance-free. The design of our alumni program is to enhance and provide life skill building support and learn how to live life without substance use by becoming involved with social and positive activities in the community.  Our alumni group has planned outings to help you learn to have fun without substances. You will also be encourage to develop, implement and participate by being an active participant in community volunteer activities. One of the core components to a good relapse prevention plan is learning that you “You can’t keep what you have unless you give it away,” a 12 step fundamental philosophy that is proven to work.

Please feel free to contact Unhooked Recovery’s outpatient treatment program by calling 602-368-3114. You are also welcome to complete the Outpatient CONTACT FORM, which our staff will gladly respond to you in a timely manner, or stop by the treatment center in Mesa or Tucson.

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