Do you feel trapped in a relationship, whether a marriage, partnership or other in which you are taken for granted, misunderstood, or abused? Is your present relationship less than healthy? Have you been told that all the problems are your fault? Are you having difficulty communicating with your partner?

Relationships should be mutually fulfilling. It is not the failings of only one person when problems arise. Healing emotional wounds and finding wellness and joy is possible. Unhooked has found by integrating spirituality into the counseling process allows the whole person to be addressed. If you want to begin your own personal change get in touch with our family services. Let our Marriage and Family Therapist help you discover what a true and happy relationship should look like.

Unhooked also provides premarital counseling to assist couples entering marriage to be as prepared as possible.

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Unhooked Recovery does not discriminate based on ancestry, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, familial status, or national origin