Mary Leach – Founder


Mary is responsible for conducting the overall orchestration of services and providing Financial/Operation Management. Her experience includes management of skilled, sub-acute, assisted living, independent and campus of care.

Mrs. Leach was Divisional Vice President for a major corporation and responsible for the management of 43 facilities located nationwide. In her capacity as Vice President, she developed aggressive Medicare programs, initiated contractual agreements with managed care companies, and pursued the development of specialty services, such as sub-acute care.

In addition, Mrs. Leach has a successful history as a Director of Nursing, Administrator and Regional Director in long term and sub-acute care.



  Patty Freeman, CEO

Patty Freeman, CEO of Unhooked Recovery, is a results-driven leader with over 35 years of management experience, including a solid 16-year stint in healthcare and the past 5 years in behavioral health. Her expertise lies in regulatory compliance, licensing, business development, and financial and operational management.

Having served as Vice President of a major Title and Escrow company, Patty developed her skills in day-to-day operations, legal matters, loss mitigation, and internal auditing. Her hands-on experience includes working closely with regulatory bodies such as the Department of Financial Institutions and the Attorney General’s Office.

In her role at Unhooked Recovery, Patty leverages her background to navigate the complex challenges of the behavioral health industry. Her approach ensures effective leadership, fostering a culture of collaboration and delivering tangible value to clients, shareholders, and associates.



Richard Freeman – Senior Vice President

Richard Freeman is the Senior Vice President, one of the founders, and Managing Member of Unhooked Recovery. Richard is a seasoned professional with a remarkable background. Having served honorably in both the USMC and the Air Force Reserves, Richard brings a disciplined and strategic approach to his role.

With 15 years of title and escrow management, including reaching the position of Vice President at a Fortune 500 company, Richard showcases exceptional leadership and organizational skills. His transition from a senior in the ASU engineering program to pursuing a management career demonstrates his adaptability and commitment to personal growth.

Richard’s history of repression and unresolved issues, a string of pivotal life trials, a mid-life crisis, and disastrous economic events resulted in his firsthand experience with the field of mental health, addiction, and finally self-awareness that 15 sober years later led him to his destiny with Unhooked Recovery.



Wendy Rodriguez, Vice President of Operations


Wendy Rodriguez is a seasoned professional with 22 years of expertise in facility credentialing, behavioral coaching, quality management, program development, and day-to-day facility operations and compliance. As the Vice President of Operations, Wendy brings a wealth of experience to her role, ensuring the seamless functioning of various facets within the
organization. Wendy dedicated the first 12 years of her career working with adolescents dealing with behavioral health challenges. Her extensive background in Behavioral Health further solidifies her comprehensive understanding of the field.

Wendy has excelled in Behavioral Health Facility Management, overseeing up to 125 staff members across five facilities simultaneously. Her leadership and management skills have been integral in maintaining the highest standards of care and compliance within the organization, all while adhering to the constraints of state budgeting. Notably, Wendy has demonstrated her strategic acumen by successfully managing budgetary constraints and restructuring initiatives. Under her guidance, the organization expanded from a 39-bed facility to an impressive 113 beds, including the successful establishment of a detox unit.
Wendy’s ability to navigate state budgeting regulations and optimize resources has been a cornerstone of her success. Her proficiency extends beyond operational management to include the oversight and creation of programming for a thriving and growing behavioral health facility. Wendy’s visionary approach has played a pivotal role in developing innovative programs that cater to the evolving needs of clients, ensuring the facility remains at the forefront of behavioral health services.

Wendy’s professional journey, marked by her progressive roles from a Behavioral Coach to a Facility Operations Director, Compliance Officer, and current position as the Vice President of Operations showcases her consistent and remarkable strengths in the behavioral health field.

Wendy’s commitment to excellence, strategic foresight, and passion for improving the lives of those
affected by behavioral health issues make her an invaluable leader in the industry.



Bryan Coe – Vice President of Development

Bryan Coe serves as the VP of Development at Unhooked Recovery, where his personal journey has ignited a passion for helping others find their way. Embracing the philosophy that “Sometimes you have to be cracked to let the light shine through” – a sentiment he attributes to Someone Genius – Bryan embodies resilience and dedication to the transformative power of faith.
Bryan possesses an exceptional ability to capture the attention of his audience. Through active listening and unwavering honesty, he creates meaningful connections that resonate with individuals seeking change.

Before his current role, Bryan’s professional background included working as a personal trainer and serving in ministry. This dual perspective provides him with a comprehensive understanding of both the traditional and spiritual aspects of recovery.

Bryan’s impact extends beyond the walls of Unhooked Recovery. His tenure at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center saw him addressing government officials, shedding light on the nature of addiction. Since joining Unhooked Recovery, he has successfully established a rapport with the court system, allowing clients to opt for treatment instead of incarceration.
In his role as VP of Development, Bryan has been instrumental in restructuring Unhooked Recovery’s programming. His forward-thinking initiatives reflect a commitment to continuous improvement which has contributed to the organization’s success. Bryan brings a unique blend of light-hearted professionalism to the Unhooked team.

“As the VP of Development at Unhooked Recovery, I am driven by the belief that resilience and transformation are within everyone’s reach. Together, we can create a space where the light shines through, guiding individuals toward a brighter and more fulfilling future.”



Kory Robidoux – Director of Finance

Kory Robidoux is the Director of Finance at Unhooked Recovery. Kory is a dedicated professional with a passion for both fiscal responsibility and holistic wellness. Kory brings an extensive educational background to the Unhooked Recovery team. His B.S in finance from Arizona State University and MBA from Grand Canyon University have helped him navigate the intricate landscape of finance with precision and insight. Kory has worked his way up through the ranks starting off as a billing specialist to his current position of Finance Director. He is not only a numbers expert. but also a compassionate advocate for those on the journey to recovery. As the financial steward of Unhooked Recovery, Kory ensures that resources are strategically allocated to enhance our programs and services.

Beyond just doing the numbers, Kory is a team player who fosters a collaborative and positive work environment. His leadership style is defined by a commitment to transparency, open communication, and a shared vision for the betterment of the lives we serve.

Kory’s favorite quote is from Zig Ziglar “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.”


Tate Pesicka – Director of Business Development

Tate Pesicka, our Director of Business Development at Unhooked Recovery, brings a rich tapestry of experiences to our team. A graduate of the University of South Dakota with a degree in Therapeutic Recreation, Tate seamlessly merges his passion for assisting others with a keen understanding of marketing and business development.

Beyond the academic realm, Tate excelled on the basketball court, demonstrating not only his athletic talent but also his leadership and teamwork skills.

Embracing the philosophy that ‘To not exist for yourself is a beautiful thing’, Tate intertwines this with his professional and personal journey. Outside the work realm, his love for photography and videography has transported him across the globe, capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of diverse landscapes. This global exploration has not only enriched his artistic viewpoint but has instilled in him a profound appreciation for narrative through visuals. This harmonious blend of personal and professional encounters allows Tate to artfully communicate the essence of Unhooked Recovery’s
personalized care approach, providing genuine support to individuals on their path to recovery with a unique blend of authenticity and creativity.


Linnea Gillett, RN – Executive Director of Detox

Linnea Gillett is the Director of Nursing at Unhooked Recovery, where she oversees Unhooked’s Detox Unit.  She is incredibly passionate about helping the addict who still suffers, with an emphasis in creating a warm and compassionate environment for the patients and staff, while maintaining best evidence-based practices and safety compliance.

During her time at Unhooked Recovery, she has implemented new protocols, policies, and procedures, streamlined day-to-day processes, and successfully navigated the necessary measures to meet CARF accreditations.

Prior to Unhooked Recovery Linnea began her Registered Nursing career at Community Bridges Inc. where she was afforded an incredible opportunity to experience a wide variety of patient populations and situations and develop her desire for helping those in need.  Previously, Linnea was the Office Manager for a small church, which helped her build her faith which carries her through both the best and the worst days.

Linnea holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Grand Canyon University and plans to pursue her education in the field from her Alma Mater.

Linnea is an Arizona native and when she is not working enjoys adventuring out with her son backpacking, hiking, kayaking and is an aspiring climber, with the motto of “Set a goal to achieve something that is so big, so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time.”



Betsy Barrett, LISAC – Executive Director of Residential

Betsy Barrett, LISAC is independently licensed by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners (AZBBHE) as a substance abuse counselor since 2017. She is also a CADAC through the Arizona Board for Certification of Addiction Counselors (ABCAC), which is an entity that recognizes excellence in the addiction field since 2016. Betsy has her master’s degree in counseling psychology from Cambridge College. She has been working for Unhooked Recovery since 2016 as first a primary therapist, then the Clinical Manager for the newly opened Women’s unit, Clinical Director from January 2021 to January 2024 at which time she
became the Executive Director.

Prior to her employment at Unhooked, she lived and worked in Connecticut as an LADC, licensed therapist for adolescent services for 20 years. Betsy has been in the behavioral health field since 1996 and has served a variety of roles including mental health counselor, certified substance abuse counselor and primary therapist for clients with co-occurring disorders and a range of behavioral health disorders. Betsy has been trained in CBT, DBT and 12 step facilitation, among other evidence-based practices. She has a wealth of experience serving the clients and staff at Unhooked as part of the leadership team.



Jessie Beliard, MAPC, LPC, NCC, CCTP – Clinical Director of Outpatient Services

As the Clinical Director of Unhooked Recovery’s outpatient services, Jessie brings a wealth of experience and compassion to our team. Jessie’s dedication to transforming lives through evidence-based practices plays a pivotal role in guiding individuals towards long lasting life change.

Jessie holds a master’s degree in professional counseling from Ottawa University. Jessie has over 20 years of experience in the therapeutic field working with children, adolescents, and adults. She has honed her skills in tailoring treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each individual. She firmly believes in the power of a holistic approach that addresses the mind, body, and spirit.  Jessie fosters a culture of empathy and understanding within the Unhooked Recovery team. She understands that the journey to recovery is unique for each person, and her leadership reflects a commitment to providing a supportive, honest, and non-judgmental environment.

“I am honored to be a part of the Unhooked Recovery team; my mission is to provide an opportunity for you to address issues that are normally too difficult to discuss with friends or family. Whether it is depression, anxiety, trauma, attachment issues, family conflict or relationship issues, I can help you work through it in a safe and confidential environment.”



Ken Zwolinski – Clinical Director of Residential

Kenneth holds both a BS and a Master’s degree in alcohol and addiction counseling from Grand Canyon University. Kenneth took a special interest in addiction treatment many years ago and has been involved in this setting for over 15 years. He holds a special interest that includes the health of the entire individual as well as the family. These family systems sometimes hold the key to the healing of the client and the entire family. Much of Ken’s early work can be found in the aftercare side of recovery. This allows him to bring a wealth of resources and experience to the clinical setting at Unhooked Recovery. Due to its focus and importance of including the entire family in the recovery process, Kenneth’s earlier work was enhanced by Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). This model incorporated with Motivational Interviewing helps the client to quickly see their part in the family unit.

Here at Unhooked Recovery, we focus much attention on the family and the client with the many programs we offer well into the client’s aftercare. We cannot stress this enough. It is simply amazing to watch families and clients heal and grow together. Working with clients helps define how old habits are holding them back, and how new habits can move them forward. Kenneth
believes in helping clients establish a sense of self-worth and fully reach their potential. This is an area that fulfills Kenneth and continues to give him hope. As the clinical director, he enjoys working with newer counselors and offering advice in areas they are utilizing.

When not using his skills at Unhooked Recovery, Kenneth enjoys playing his guitar at the various open mics around the Phoenix area. His fiancé Karen is a classically trained clarinetist who accompanies him in these performances and helps to create a unique musical styling. “I always tell people how good she makes me sound.”  I enjoy my work and have found a home here in the Phoenix area and Unhooked Recovery.



Debi Reynolds, LPN – Director of Care Residential

Debi Reynolds is a Licensed Practical Nurse who works with men and women suffering with Substance Use and Co-Occurring disorders to receive well founded medical and psychiatric care as they navigate through their individual recovery. Debi believes that by offering the latest innovations in treatment along with person-centered, compassionate care, you can connect with the individuals you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them and assist them as they navigate through their recovery program.

Debi has worked as a nurse in Arizona since 2004. Throughout her career she has served on the Events and Training Committee for Arizona ALFA for 11 years and the Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk Committee for 3 years. Debi continues to serve her community through her rider’s club where they work alongside other veteran-based non-profits to raise awareness in the fight to prevent veteran suicide.

Debi received her nursing training while serving in the U.S. Army as a Combat Medic and upon graduation from St. Philips College in San Antonio, Texas, began her career as a nurse.



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